Hi, I am Ilana, founder of I Appreciate Me (I AM),

I have always had a great appreciation for nice things and the remarkable way they can build your confidence.

As a woman, I find I spend a lot of time thinking about the people around me and making sure they are happy and nurtured but not extending that concern to myself. Putting other people first is a well-known trait amongst women the world over, and I believe these women deserve to put themselves first sometimes and I believe you deserve to put yourself first too.

I want women everywhere to take a moment and appreciate their strength, their joy, their sharp wit, their beautiful emotions, all of the things that make each woman her fantastic self. I want them to have something that makes them feel as special and as confident as they deserve to feel every day.

So I created I AM bags. To give every woman a tangible reminder she can (literally) carry with her of all of the great things SHE IS, reinforcing her self-worth and in turn recognising other women who might need a reminder of theirs.